Johnson City Amatuer Radio Association (W4ABR)

Welcome to the home page of the Johnson City Amateur Radio Association(JCARA). We are located in Johnson City, Tennessee (Washington County, EM86). We value service to our community, education for all ages, and are constantly seeking new ways to use Ham radio in our lives and the adventure that it provides

JCARA Monthly Club Meeting

JCARA meets at 7:00 p.m. on the Third Tuesday of every month at the Johnson City EMS.
296 Wesley Street, Johnson City, TN 37601. [ Directions (Mapquest) ]

The Website is BACK!

There were some snaffus when moving on to our new hosting. I will have the fully functional site up and running soon enough.
For now this basic homepage will serve as a placeholder.

Field Day 2015 (June 27-28)

JCARA is having field day at Watagua Point Recreation Area in Cherokee National Forest.
There is a pavilion and picnic tables near the lake. There are restrooms, water fountains and grills available at the site. It is now FREE to park. For more about the site, click here.

Everyone is welcome. If you would like to volunteer to bring anything, please let us know.
The person of contact is Lenny Craig, KT4TD. His email is

Talk in frequency is 442.825 + 5 MHz offset. Optionally, will use the repeater output on simplex, if needed.
Exams will be available upon request (assuming three VEs available).

Directions: From Elizabethton, take US 19E/321 south for five miles to Hampton. Turn left on US 321/TN 67 south for five miles, then turn left into Watauga Point.
[Mapquest] [Google]

*Note: Some members are also planning to set up in Gray near Daniel Boone. You have your pick. But, I don't have specifics.
- Christian